Professional Experience

Microsoft Research - Research Fellow

July 2019 - Present

Inter-data center network optimization: Working with Dr. Ranjita Bhagwan and Dr. Venkat Padmanabhan on improving WAN provisioning and usage, specifically for first party applications. First party applications provide a unique opportunity for the applications and the network to cooperate closely leading to more efficient use of the WAN and consequently driving down costs.

Data discovery at scale: Working with Dr. Ranjita Bhagwan and Dr. Saikat Guha on dsicovering related data in large datalakes whose sizes measure in order of petabytes.

Google Summer of Code - Mozilla

May 2018 - Aug 2018

The goal of the project was to prevent sites from bombarding the browser with multiple non user initiated downloads. This would mean that a mechanism to differentiate between user initiated and automatically initiated downloads had to be established as it is undesirable to annoy the user with unnecessary warning and permission prompts even when the user himself has requested for a download.

Intuit - Software Intern

May 2018 - July 2018

Worked on real time ingestion, analytics and visualisation of operational database metrics with the QuickBooks Online DevOps team. Built the real time data pipeline from scratch starting from the scalable polling layer. Used open source real time data refinery, analytics and visualisation tools like Apache Kafka, Apache storm, RabbitMQ, Druid and Swiv

Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka

Samsung - Software Intern

May 2017 - July 2017

At Samsung, I Studied part of the code base implementing Layer 1 of 3G communication. Our team helped unify the Time Division Duplex (TDD) and Frequency Division Duplex(FDD) code bases written for Shannon chipsets. We achieved 30% code size reduction. The entire code base was written in C. We also automated the process of unification by writing C parser scripts in Perl.

Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka

Other Activities

Women in Technology Summit
Main Event Coordinator

Women in Technology summit was a 3-day all India event organised by IEEE NITK student branch. It hosted 100+ selected delegates from all over India and included several workshops, talks and sessions from many eminent personalities in technology. I was responsible for coordinating and managing the activities of 70+ volunteers from all over India orgnaised into teams such as Sponsorship, Publicity, Logistics, Finance, Design, Website, Events and so on.

Web Enthusiasts' Club

Web Enthusiasts' club is the largest student club at NITK that takes up initiatives to organise and manage events related to computer science. We organise both inter-club and intra-club events to inform the student body about open source contribution oppurtunities, latest trends in computer science, new research fields in computer science and so on. As the secretary of the club, my role is to manage and head the events of the club and promote new initiatives.

CS Projects Head

Technites is a part of the technical fest at NITK called Engineer. Technites hosts a number of projects that are technically challenging to complete but have a visually appealing and engaging deliverable. The goal is to showcase how technology can be fused with fun and games to create interesting interactive outcomes. As the Computer Science projects head, I was responsible to initiate and take several computer science related projects to completion. The technologies involved included neural networks, motion sensing devices, augmented reality and game development.

Executive Member

IEEE NITK is a student branch under IEEE Region 10. As an executive member of the club, I mentored several year long projects for 3 years and helped take them to completion. One of the projects was named "Handwritten equation solver", which, as the name suggests, was an application that would allow users to take pictures of handwritten equations and present them with a solution. This project went on to be published in International Conference on Convergence of Technology, 2018, an IEEE Conference. The club members also organise several technical events for students of NITK.